Artists Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom started Getting to Know You(Tube) in 2011 as a way to cruise YouTube with strangers—to simultaneously get to know new people from their community, and to explore the phenomenon that is YouTube. In 2012, NE Portland’s non-profit historic Hollywood Theatre invited Getting to Know You(Tube) to become a part of the their monthly programming.

The general format of Getting to Know You(Tube) is pretty simple— local people give 15 minute presentations about whatever they want, and however they want—as long as it utilizes YouTube in some way. After each presentation the audience can ask the presenter questions or show video responses, and once all of the presentations are complete for the evening, the floor is open for anyone at the event to introduce themselves and play their favorite YouTube picks with the crowd.

There have been presentations about interspecies friendship, copwatching, and cult-life; tutorials on how to hold your own in a conversation with a hard-core Trekkie, live YouTube karaoke, and videos created as new works of art specifically for the event. Getting to Know You(Tube) has been featured at the Open Engagement Conference, PICA’s 2013 TBA Festival, and Design Week Portland 2013.

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